During the Moon festival (Mid-term festival) in Taiwan, people used to reunion together on this day. The reason I love this holiday not because of always having BBQ party and lots of fun to celebrate this day, but giving us a reasonable excuse to make all the family members gather together every year. And every time when the day comes, I always have strong feeling that no matter what kind of love, we all have to express it in time.

My grandpa passed away five years ago, since then my grandma took care of this house in Tainan by herself, and now she is unable to remember lots of thing in her life slowly, she couldn’t remember whether she had breakfast before or not, couldn’t remember the words she just said before, couldn’t read the number in her account book, even more, she totally forgot today I just came back from Taoyuan, and just held her hands shopping in traditional market 1 hour ago…

My Dad isn’t good at speaking, beyond his serious appearance, he seldom says warm words to any one of us, but he always expresses his love from action, even though my home and my grandparent’s home are far away, and we can only come back to visit my grandparents twice a year because of work, but Dad still persists that if that is an important festival, even if the holiday will only have 2 days off, he always drives the mid-night car go back to the south.

In the past, grandma spent four sevenths of her life selling fishes and other seafood in this market with my grandpa to support all the family. Today we accompanied with her came back to this market, she was so happy because it has been a long time she never came back, although grandma always forgot we came here because we were going to buy some ingredients for the hot pot today, kept asking what were we going to buy here several times, but this market can be regarded as her second home, she knew almost everyone here, once she saw the stand keeper who she knew before, she would immediately introduce my father to them,  with the face full of pride.

While watching their back walking behind them, I feel touched with my month ups. Love may not necessary have to be said, but we can do our unique and comfortable own way to let each other know about LOVE.

Happy Reunion Moon Festival!

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