Started from borrowing the board and pen from a gas station near by the entrance of highway and taking the first hitchhike, luckily, there was a sudden heavy rain just immediately started while I got on the third hitchhike, the driver kept blaming me that how can a girl do such a dangerous thing in this rural area. “If I have a daughter, I won’t definitely allow her to do this.” He said.

The driver sighed at me with a worried face, then he gave me two options, one is they would drop me in the city center of Yuan-Lin district, or directly drop me at the rest area of highway no.3. It was really hard to decide it, cause if I was dropped at the rest area of highway, I can make sure that all the cars will definitely keep going to the highway after taking a break, but conversely, I don’t think people would like to pick a backpacker during such a heavy raining day, and I will have 100% being stuck in the highway but no where can go.

You can always find a light when you are in adversity. Eventually I decide to be dropped at the rest area, hold the umbrella which the previous driver force to gave me, I crossed the road and pedestrian island, stepped over lots of puddles with the rainwater splashed on my legs. Compare to last experience of hitchhiking, I felt my heart was stronger than before this time. ” You can always find a light when you are in adversity.” The sky was getting darker, the lights of streets in this blurry raining night seemed to be blended together automatically and became the dazzling spotlight. I took the board which I wrote Kaohsiung where I was going to, standing on the stage of gas station, asking any chances if someone get help me to give me a ride.

And that was a fourth hitchhike I took, and countless cars even though they didn’t pick me up cause the opposite route, still, stop in front of me, first they threaten me for some worried reasons, then keep reminding me to be careful for everything, Taiwanese people always like this, hard on the outside, but soft on the inside. Finally, I came back from Taichung to Kaohsiung successfully.

I started to realize in the end that, even though the adversity this time seriously came from myself cause I asked for it, but I’m sure the light of my deep mind was the courageous mixed with some concept of never give up, and still believe in this beautiful world.

And the theory that you can always find a light in adversity, it’s suitable for every situation in our life.

@2016.09.04 Taichung.

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